Restaurant review: A novel way with pizza


22 Jul Restaurant review: A novel way with pizza

Sonya Bateson peruses The Pizza Library

On the menu:

Pizza. Everything pizza. And I’m not complaining. Feel like an entree? There’s garlic, rosemary and thyme cheesy flat bread, or pesto and garlic butter flat bread to whet your appetite. Mains? Pizza, of course. There’s every flavour you can think of, all named after famous books. If you fancy some meat, The Bible has Italian sausage, pepperoni, smoky bacon, caramelised onion, smoked barbecue sauce and mozzarella. For cheese lovers, there’s the Three Blind Mice: creamy brie, mozzarella and feta. Vegetarians have four choices including the Pumpkin Jack: mushrooms, blue cheese, sweetcorn, mozzarella and fresh rocket. And that’s just three of the 24 options available. Then there’s the dessert. Pizza covered in apple and cinnamon with crumble and mascarpone, or baked chocolate cheesecake with chocolate swirl and mascarpone.

The buzz:

Books are the theme and sitting in the restaurant is certainly novel. Books are everywhere. Our table is reserved with an old, hardcover book and there are stacks more. I’ll have: We started with a shared entree – the garlic, rosemary and thyme cheesy flat bread in a 12 inch.

The box came out piping hot, with smells of garlic and rosemary wafting out. It was just the perfect amount of cheese, enough for taste but not too much to overpower the herbs. Delicious. For my main, I had the Moby Dick: sirloin steak marinated in rosemary and red wine, capsicum, plum sauce, caramelised onions, mozzarella and feta. We also sampled the dessert options, getting one of each. My favourite was the apple, and the fiance loved the chocolate.

He’ll have:

The Bible. The fiance, true to male form, couldn’t look past the meatiest option on the menu. The base was thin and crispy with the perfect amount of topping – enough that you got a bit of everything on each slice. That’s as much as I could get out of him in between stuffing pizza in his face. He finished his while I was on my second slice, then moved on to my box.

Value for money:

Sides start at $6. The pizzas come in four sizes, ranging from 7-inch to 18-inch. The smallest pizzas are $7 or $7.50. The biggest size is priced between $23.50 and $26.50. The staff: Friendly, chirpy guys and girls in funky hats. They all actually seemed to enjoy their jobs. There when you need them without hovering. The verdict: A++. Great food, great atmosphere, great decor, great staff. Suitable for dates, family gatherings, birthday parties, after work drinks and, well, everything.

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