Mount Maunganui & The Pizza Library.


22 Jul Mount Maunganui & The Pizza Library.

Today was the day we tackled two monsters, first; the hike up the 200+ meter Mount Maunganui and then the 19inch pizza from The Pizza Library.

Looking up from the base of Mount Maunganui, the trip to the top didn’t seem too tough. How wrong I was. The extinct volcano was the toughest hike we’ve done since we arrived in New Zealand, let alone the Bay of Plenty. We took the ‘moderate’ path to the top, expecting a gentle stroll. The path twisted and turned and each time a fresh challenge was presented with a steeper and steeper path. Over an hour later when we reached the top I was ready to collapse with my legs burning like fire and wobbling like jelly.

The views from the top were amazing. It felt like I was soaring above humanity below getting a birds eye view on life. What made the trip even more amazing was meeting a collection of paragliders at the top ready to take the jump off the top. It was nerve jangling just watching. We met one dare devil who loved to show off, performing like his life depended on it, completing death defying twirls and coming with an arms reach back to the summit. It was very impressive.

Next up was what I’ve been waiting for, The Pizza Factory. We took the 15 minute stroll down through town and entered what can only be described as mayhem. Ornaments hanging from the roof, pizza named after books, loud – circus like music blasting and strangest of all, aeroplane seats. The choice was difficult as there was so many wonderful combinations. I eventually decided on a ‘Little Women.’ The Brie and cranberry sauce sold it for me. When it arrived, all 19 inches of it, it didn’t disappoint. It took up the whole table and was enough to feed a family but it was all mine. It was quirky, over the top and everything that expected. Beautiful.

If your in town then I cannot recommend either enough! Both of them, a must.


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